Houdini Tutorial | Volcanic Eruption

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This tutorial mainly focuses on Pyro simulation, and involves various pyro simulations like the volcanic plume, the volcanic bombs, sparse smoke in the air, shockwave smoke, smoke and fire spreading on the terrain, and smoke from rolling rocks, to give you an in-depth understanding of Pyro. Due to the step-by-step nature of Pyro simulations, it’s also suitable for beginners. Besides, there are more modules included, such as Height Field, FLIP simulation on lava creation, RBD simulation on terrain destruction, scene assembly, material, lighting, rendering, and compositing, etc, which gives you an overall knowledge of Houdini. In the scene assembly section, a large number of elements of optimization, processing, placement, complex lighting process, and rendering in layers, all of those can definitely give the learners who want to create epic large-scale scenes enlightening guidance.

Comprehensive, large-scale, involving multiple modules.
More simple cases are used to make it easier to understand parameters.
Full process gives you an in-depth understanding of large-scale scenes.
This tutorial concentrates on the technical points involved in Volcanic Eruption, without unrelated techniques.

What can you get
7.5-hours of recorded videos, 14 episodes in total.
The corresponding Hip file and Comp file for free.

01_Volcano_Terrain Model
02_Volcano_Shading and Planting
03_Smoke Plume
04_Volcanic Bombs
05_More Elements - Part 1
06_More Elements - Part 2
07_Volcano Destruction_RBD Simulation
08_Volcano Destruction_Debris and Smoke
09_Spewing Lava
10_Scene Assembly, Lighting, Rendering - Part 1
11_Scene Assembly, Lighting, Rendering - Part 2
12_Scene Assembly, Lighting, Rendering - Part 3
13_Compositing - Part 1
14_Compositing - Part 2

Solemnly Statement
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Houdini Tutorial | Volcanic Eruption

USD $580.00

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