Pro Tsunami Simulation | Houdini Tutorial

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How to sim Tsunami in Houdini?

This is a large-scale tsunami scene tutorial in Houdini, a comprehensive big case with a lot of FX elements. It tackles fluid simulation, RBD simulation, SBD simulation, etc., and is suitable for intermediate and advanced FX artists. Starting off with the animation of the tsunami mesh, I'll walk you through the simulations of splashes, mist, building destruction, the dynamics of smaller elements, all the way to materials, rendering and final compositing.

For the fluid simulation, apart from FLIP and whitewater, I'll also use POP to serve as particle sources and mist, which greatly relieves the calculation load. At the same time, I'll introduce multiple approaches of source creation, and a bunch of particle optimization methods. Regarding FLIP, POP and whitewater simulations, I'm gonna talk about basic parameters simulation ideas, and practical tips for using varied forces, fields, and attributes. In terms of the RBD simulation, I'll show you the basic workflow of building destruction, and the solutions to some common issues. For the rendering part, I'll share useful techniques to optimize the scene, and explain Mantra parameters and channel customization. Finally, in the compositing part, through useful color-grading tricks, the multi-channel compositing workflow, and the functions of data channels, I'll create a realistic CG environment step-by-step, bringing you a clear and complete composting process. This tutorial also provides dozens of handy tips, like different ways for batch simulation, shortcuts to create deforming animation, What's more, there will be experiences from my years of career, such as how to work in high efficiency, how to stay on track to your targets, and how to minimize the possibility of reworking. You'll find this tutorial extremely rewarding. After it, you'll be able to handle splashes and mist from collisions, and building destruction on your own.

Under the inspirations of this tutorial, you'll reap valuable production ideas and problem-solving abilities, thus becoming more confident to take on large-scale fluid projects. Wanna better understand and master fluid and destruction techniques in Houdini? This tutorial is just for you. Join us now.


The project attached to the tutorial is made with the Houdini Indie edition. Due to copyright reasons, we cannot provide all the models in the project, instead, just some models for basic exercises. All the models in the project are for the learning purpose only and without commercial permission. If you have any questions during the learning process, please write to us and we will answer them as soon as possible. The final interpretation right of this tutorial and the attached project belong to VFX Grace.


The techniques in this tutorial are at an advanced level. So it suits better for intermediate and advanced FX artists with certain work experience, but it’s a bit difficult for beginners. If there is any concern about this, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!


01_Tsunami Animation

02_Main Splashes_Source

03_Main Splashes_FLIP

04_Main Splashes_Whitewater and Mist

05_Main Splashes_Subsequent Simulations

06_Splash Collision_1

07_Building Destruction_1

08_Building Destruction_2

09_Splash Collision_2

10_Tsunami-Building Interaction

11_Mist over the Crests

12_Dynamics of Small Elements

13_Car Crash Simulation

14_Materials and Rendering



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All rights reserved. This tutorial is copyrighted by VFX Grace, protected by the US Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S.C.) and other intellectual property rights, and has been registered for copyright protection. This tutorial is only open to individual users. Without our permission, you are not allowed to copy, download, upload, modify, spread, distribute, display, lend, sublet, resell or share with anyone for any purpose, or upload to any platform for any purpose. In addition, all the materials in the accompanying projects of this tutorial are only for personal learning or personal projects, and cannot be used for commercial purposes. When you purchase this tutorial, you agree to these terms. Any user who has committed the above-mentioned infringements will be automatically canceled from the service, and all the funds received in advance will not be returnable, and may be subject of legal proceedings and claims to the maximum extent permitted by law.

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Pro Tsunami Simulation | Houdini Tutorial

USD $1180.00

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