Blender Tutorial | Jaguar Grooming Workflow

This is a cinematic jaguar hair grooming workflow tutorial which includes 10 episodes that last 10 hours in total. It covers reference analysis, general knowledge of hair, basics of particle system, detailed guide grooming, material adjustment as well as final refinement and rendering.

01 General Knowledge of Hair & Basics of Psystem.mp4
02 Analysis of References.mp4
03 Basic Grooming & Preparation.mp4
04 Underlying Hair Grooming.mp4
05 Head Grooming.mp4
06 Body Grooming.mp4
07 Face Expressions & Details Grooming.mp4
08 Hair Materials.mp4
09 Final Refinement.mp4
10 Final Testing and Rendering.mp4

  • First of all, there is an explanation on how to grasp the key characteristics of hair and an analysis of the character’s hair flows and unique body traits.
  • It's actually an approach of observing references, which helps you grasp the key points in different hair grooming and create styles for your own characters.
  • Starting off with basic operations, you will have a good knowledge of different parameters about hair in Blender.
  • In the practical grooming process, you will be shown the flexible use of the parameters and multiple vertex groups, the crucial factors that make the materials realistic, and the way to add rich and subtle details with multiple nodes.

This tutorial shares with you the practical experience and handy tips based on a professional’s years of work. It will not only greatly increase your efficiency of hair grooming, but the more important thing is that you will master a more professional and efficient workflow with fewer trial-and-error attempts. After learning it, the beginners will be able to groom most furry quadruped animals. The seasoned grooms can also gain more inspirations in your creations.

Blender Tutorial | Jaguar Grooming Workflow

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