About US

VFX Grace is a young team full of vitality, creativity, and passion for VFX.

We are devoted to creating 3D models and character models by Blender, the open-source 3D software, and seeking for making more realistic effects. In order to improve work efficiency and visual effects, we’ve developed some very practical software and plug-ins. The following are some of our case works and customer reviews.

Blender tool, “hair shape key”, can make the character’s hair animation more natural through keyframes.

Fusion’s Pick_Cryptomatte script can greatly improve the loading speed of the ID channel and the final rendering output speed, which is very popular with users.

We will also record some high-quality tutorials, including knowledge points of software operations such as Blender and Houdini. The courses will show you how to add more realistic hair to character models, how to simulate realistic dynamic clouds, and how to make the waterfall. Through the online education platform, we’ll share our experience and technology with more people. There will be a free trial at the beginning of the course. If you have any suggestions or questions about our courses, feel free to leave your comment. Our lecturer will respond to your questions. We welcome your participation.