Houdini Tutorial | Realistic Dynamic Clouds-Advanced Simulation

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This is an advanced tutorial on dynamic cloud simulation. Compared with the previous Realistic Dynamic Clouds tutorials, it employs some advanced techniques, which makes the controlling of the shape, the rolling dynamics, and the randomness of clouds more flexible and accurate, with a faster simulation based on Pyro Solver in Houdini18. Firstly, we will analyze the reference to catch the rules and features of the light dynamic cumulus from the aspects of dissipation, gravity, expansion, rolling, turbulence, continuous growing, etc. which greatly affect the realism of clouds. Then we will create and adjust the volume source and build the force fields to generate those features thus to achieve the desired dynamics. Starting from scratch, I will walk you through every step to get the final dynamics. For those who have some basic knowledge about Pyro Solver, this tutorial will definitely give you a more accurate and solid understanding of cloud simulation and dynamic control.

What can you learn?

  • Control the shape of the clouds through adjusting the density in different areas.
  • Customize the top wind field by VEX function.
  • Control the growth of the dynamic clouds through setting the dissipation animation of the volume source.

Solemnly Statement:

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For teams or companies with multiple users, there are two options as below:

1. purchasing a Commercial license: applies to a team or company with an annual income is above US$100,000.

2. purchasing multiple licenses for all users: applies to a team or company with an annual income below US$100,000, you may purchase multiple single licenses for each of your users.

The project attached in the tutorial is for Houdini indie, please refer to Houdini agreements for whether it is available for commercial use.


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Houdini Tutorial | Realistic Dynamic Clouds-Advanced Simulation

USD $108.00

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