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  This script is mainly used for project packaging and search for missing footages with one-click, which greatly improves the user's work efficiency. In addition, users can customize the classification of the footages and package the project based on this classification. It’s easy and quick to sort projects.

Installation Environment:

Support: Fusion 8, Fusion 9.0.2, Fusion Studio 9.0.2, Fusion 16

Python script needs to be installed. Please install it according to the Fusion version. (If you have already installed, you don't need to repeat the installation):

python3.6: Applicable to Fusion9.0.2

python3.3: Applicable to Fusion8

Function Description:

1: Users can manage the footages within the project, that is, create a folder, move the footages, etc. The project will be packaged based on the newly created classification.

2: When faced with a lot of missing footages, users only need to click "recover lost footage", this script will automatically create a new project file that has been connected with footages.

3: Lock and unlock all nodes in the project with one-click.

4: Centrally manage the footages, and quickly check whether the paths of the footages are correctly linked and whether they are relative paths.

5: Quickly check the fonts used in the project, Fuse, Marco.

Installation Method:

Put this script into C:\Users(Username in your computer)\AppData\Roaming\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Scripts.

Instructions for use:

After installation, open fusion and find the script in the scripts menu.


When you use the cut method to sort the project, please pay attention to whether the paste is successful, otherwise the footages will be missed.

Fusion Script | Archive Engineering

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