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FREE Fusion Script | Tool Connect Manage



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Hello everyone! This is a free script for connecting nodes in batches. It can be used to connect a large number of nodes in batches by “one node connecting to multiple nodes”, “multiple nodes connecting to multiple nodes”, and “multiple nodes connecting to one node”. This script is made for the improvement of our work efficiency, and now I share it with everyone for free. I hope it can help you. If you like it, please subscribe to our 

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, and give it the thumbs up. And please feel free to leave your comments and let us know what you think. Thanks!

Installation Environment:

Fusion 9, Fusion 16 for Windows

Installation Method:

Run the "install.bat" file to complete the installation


  • Multiple nodes can be connected to one node, such as multiple 3D nodes connected to a Merge 3D at the same time.
  • A node can be connected to multiple nodes, such as a Catcher node connected to multiple 3D nodes for projection.
  • Multiple groups of nodes with the same attributes, referring to a group of connected nodes as a template, are connected in the same way. For example, connect multiple images to multiple Image Plane 3D.


Only nodes with the same attributes can be connected. Or it would fail.

Other Fusion scripts:

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  1. Agnes

    Thanks for sharing

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FREE Fusion Script | Tool Connect Manage



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