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1. Piemenu


(1) Object Index

a. Batch rename models, materials, ParticleSystem and its textures, and weight

b. Batch replace names

c. Batch add and delete prefix and suffix

(2) Weight Tool

a. Generate weights based on slope

b. Convert weight to vertex color and vice versa

(3) Object Index

a. Batch check and add object index

(4) Batch turn on/off, and remove non-displayed/ non-rendered modifiers; Batch show and hide ParticleSystem

(5) Select doubles

2. Rocks Factory


a.Create rocks with the procedural texture

b.Smooth the bottom of rocks

c.Combine the rocks you selected

d.Quickly plant upon the surface of rocks

e.Quickly remesh model

3. Material Prese


a.Freely add customized materials to Materials Preset Library and use the materials easily

b.Freely modify, add and delete the preset

c.Easily add the node presets

Note: If the material you want to add to Materials Preset Library contains external images, before adding materials to the preset, please create a folder with the name of “textures” under the current file of the preset project and manually put images in the folder.

4. Material Manager


a.Find models based on textures

b.Find models based on materials

c.Batch modifying of texture paths

d.Quickly clean different types of images and materials



v1.9.9 Release Note:


  1. Support Blender 2.90.1, 2.90.2, and 2.91.

v1.9.8 Release Notes:


  1. Fix the issue that the function ’Clean up unused textures’ does not clean all textures.
  2. Tweak PieMenu to collect the functions related to Collection into a Menu.


  1. Convert instance objects to Mesh.
  2. Replace the currently selected material of the selected objects with the selected material in the material list.

v1.9.7 Release Notes:


  1. Material Manager: Fix the issue that the function ‘Select by Image’ and ‘Show material with the texture’ cannot work normally when the textures are in node groups.
  2. Fix the issues that the Mapping and the Musgrave node aren’t supported in Blender 2.80 and above.

v1.9.6 Release Notes:


  1. PieMenu: Add new functions—Move bone constraints and modifiers in batches, ‘Move modifiers by name’.
  2. PieMenu: Add new functions—Delete vertex groups and shape keys in batches.


  1. PieMenu: Add new functions—‘Remove all constraints’, ‘Empty group’, ‘Align with Object’, and ‘View the index of objects’.


  1. Classify Property Setting Menu.


  1. PieMenu: Fix the bug that child threads encounter errors when the empty material slots are removed.
  2. PieMenu: Fix the errors of the function ‘Align With Object’.

v1.9.5 Release Notes:


  1. PieMenu: The function ‘Clean up unused background images’ in the Menu ‘Clear Scene’ is compatible with Blender 2.80. It now cleans up the background images of all cameras.
  2. PieMenu: Added new function ‘Clean up unused images’ in the Menu ‘Clear Scene’.
  3. Material Manager: Improve the function of replacing the name of textures.
  4. Material Manager: Add ‘Exclude instance objects’.
  5. Node Preset: Support saving the materials of EEVEE and Workbench.


  1. Remove the function ‘Clean up empty objects’.


  1. PieMenu: Fix the bug that the function Align With Object cannot work in Blender 2.80 Official version.
  2. PieMenu: Fix the bug that Blender crashes due to the function ‘Clean up unused materials‘.
  3. Material Manager: Fix the bug that Blender crashes when cleaning up the duplicate textures.

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Blender Addon | Blender Box

USD $20.00

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