Fusion Script | DiskCacheManager


This is a script for efficient management of the Fusion node cache. It can centrally view and manage the cache nodes that are enabled in the project, such as enabling and disabling caches; locking caches, locking branches, viewing node cache files, pre-rendering, deleting node cache, changing the cache path, performing settings for all cache nodes, disabling all cache nodes, clearing all caches, and labeling cache nodes. Batch processing makes your work more efficient and convenient.

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Installation Environment:

Fusion 9.0.2 for Windows


Batch operation management for cache-enabled nodes

  1. Batch enabling or disabling the nodes caching

  2. Batch locking nodes to stop modifying and overwriting.

  3. Locking the upstream nodes of the current cache node

  4. Viewing local cache of the current cache node

  5. Pre-rendering: Rendering cache

  6. Deleting the local node caches

  7. Changing the writing path of the cache.

  8. Disable all cache nodes

  9. Clearing all local caches

  10. Changing the color of cache-enabled nodes


DiskCacheManagerIcon under "Script \ Comp" is the icon of the button, and FU_DiskCacheManager.dll in the "Modules \ Lua \ DiskCacheManager" path is the configuration file required by this script to run, please do not delete it.

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Fusion Script | DiskCacheManager

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