Blender Addon | WeightBrush Pie



This add-on collects common weight painting functions in a pie menu, which can help you paint weight more conveniently.


Common installation: Preferences—Add-ons—Install, select py file to install.

Running Env

Blender 2.83.5 and above.

Use Introduction

  1. The preset value of weight is in the lower-left corner of Piemenu.
  1. The built-in weight function is in the lower right corner of Piemenu.
  2. Piemenu has an expanded panel that contains more weight tools.
  3. Weight Piemenu works in Weight Paint mode and Edit mode.
  4. Reset is to return the weight value of the selected vertex to the original value.
  5. Reset All is to return the weight value of the object in Edit mode to the original value.



June 17, 2021 - v1_3:

Support Blender 2.93.







Support Blender 2.93.

Blender Addon | WeightBrush Pie

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