Blender Addon | Hair Shape Key v5.1

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Working environment:

  • Blender2.79、Blender2.80、Blender2.81、Blender2.82
  • 4.0 Changelog

Windows: Blender version 2.79b and 2.81 are supported, but version 2.80 and 2.82 are not.


  • Add Shape Key to Particle Hair to freely control and fix the particle animation


  • Insert intermediate Shape Key to achieve various shapes

  • Add keyframes to hair or hair instance to achieve precise changes

  • Support control by keying frame to increase controllability
  • Add drive control to Particle Shape for easier animation creation



Changes will only be shown in the 3D view in real-time by checking the option of Automatic update (in the tool panel ) after keying

Automatic update should be disabled when modifying Shape Key

No same name should be given to multiple Shape Key

No change of particle number will be supported


4.0 Changelog

Windows: Blender version 2.79b and 2.81 are supported, but version 2.80 and 2.82 are not.


Please don’t use new version add-on to open projects made by version 2.3.


What’s New:

Fixed compatibility issue of version 3.0.


Update date: 2020-05-02

What’s New:

1. Unified interface.

2. Added support for inserting multiple shape keys.

3. Fixed the issue that keyframes and drivers still exist after deleting shape keys.

4. Simplified the steps of adding shape keys and the initial post can be set directly.


HairShapeKey_v2_3_2 Update Instructions

1. It supports ShapeKey animation, palying animation drived by Driver, and rendering with update automatically.

Note: it cannot work in Blender2.80.

2. Fix other errors.


HairShapeKey_v2_3 Update Instructions

Fixed bug: the bug that it cannot work in blender 2.81 and blender 2.82

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Blender Addon | Hair Shape Key v5.1

USD $35.00

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