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AssetsManager_v1.5 (Update 20200101)

AssetsManager_v1.5 can help you search, edit and replace materials more easily and clean ineffective nodes and also lock and unlock nodes.

What’s new about the new version:

Preview all nodes in the preview window of fusion and display all materials
Export a list of materials
Show how many times the third party Fuse list has been used in the project
Resolve the problem of the reset of time points when restoring and replacing materials

Working environment:

Requires windows systems; Fusion 9, Fusion 16

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  1. Replace the footage in batches, and convert absolute path to relative path
  2. List third-party fuse
  3. Check and delete unused nodes
  4. Change the colors of nodes in batches
  5. Lock/unlock all nodes in the project
  6. Link all the lost footage, provided that such footage is placed in the same path with the composite file
  7. Align nodes vertically or horizontally
  8. List all the images, models, audios and LUT files used in the project; Support display of the thumbnail images in the plugin's GUI and directly open the locations of all files


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Fusion Script | AssetsManager



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