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Blender model details:

Lion Cub Animated | VFX Grace

UE Overview

Presenting a highly realistic young lion character asset, crafted specifically for Unreal Engine 5.2 and above. This meticulously designed asset encompasses the model, textures, materials, fur, rigging and animations, making it ready for immediate integration into your projects.

Key Features

Model Details: Total vertex count is 168,562 and polygon count is 167,424, ensuring the model's intricacy and realism.
Textures and Materials: Textures are created using UDIM format and produced in 4K resolution. Textures have already been imported into UE and optimized.
Groom Fur: A complex fur system was created in Blender, and the young lion's fur styling has been perfectly replicated using UE's Groom technology, with finely tuned materials.

Size of Maps

JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Hair02_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Hair03_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Hair_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_ID.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Mask.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Normal.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Roughness.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Skin_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_Specular.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Body_SubsurfaceAmount.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Eye_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Hair02_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Hair03_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Hair_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_ID.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Mask.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Normal.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Roughness.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Skin_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_Specular.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Head_SubsurfaceAmount.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_OralCavity_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_OralCavity_Normal.uasset, 4096* 4096
JF0M111A0_Lion_Young_Paw_BaseColor.uasset, 4096* 4096


Global Control:

Lion_Young_Rig_grp_ctrl: Control the entire model's global movement and orientation.
Spine Control:

DEF_neck_a_ctrl, DEF_spine_d_ctrl, DEF_spine_c_ctrl and DEF_spine_b_ctrl: Provide control for the anterior, middle, and posterior sections of the spine respectively.
Neck and Head Control:

DEF_neck_b_ctrl and DEF_neck_c_ctrl: Control different segments of the neck.
DEF_head_a_ctrl: Main controller for the head.
DEF_Jaw_001_ctrl: Lower jaw controller, managing the opening and closing of the mouth.
Facial Features Control:

With a detailed facial controller to create more facial expressions.
squirrel_DEF_Eyelid_IK_ctrl, squirrel_DEF_Eyelid_IK_L_ctrl and squirrel_DEF_Eyelid_IK_R_ctrl: Eye controllers.
Ear Control:

DEF_ear_a_L_ctrl, DEF_ear_b_L_ctrl and DEF_ear_c_L_ctrl: Controllers for the left ear.
DEF_ear_a_R_ctrl, DEF_ear_b_R_ctrl and DEF_ear_c_R_ctrl: Controllers for the right ear.

Limbs Control:

DEF_shoulder_a_L_ctrl and DEF_shoulder_a_R_ctrl: Left and right shoulder controllers respectively.
DEF_crotch_a_L_ctrl and DEF_crotch_a_R_ctrl: Controllers for the left and right pelvic regions.
DEF_wrist_a_L_ctrl_2, DEF_wrist_a_R_ctrl_2, DEF_ankle_a_L_ctrl_2 and DEF_ankle_a_R_ctrl_2: IK master controllers for the four limbs.
Tail Control:

DEF_spine_a_ctrl, DEF_tail_j_ctrl, DEF_tail_i_ctrl…: Controllers for various segments of the tail.
And many more fine-tuned controls that give animators a comprehensive and detailed control for posing and animating the young lion.


Unlooped WalkAndLook animation at 30 fps, frame range 1-360
Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-238
Loopable walking animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-320

Technical Specifications

Platform Compatibility: Supports PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.
UE Version Compatibility: Specifically designed for UE5.2 and above.
Asset Format: This asset is presented as a complete UE project package.

Usage Notes

Ensure your Unreal Engine version is 5.2 or higher to achieve optimal performance and compatibility
Given the high precision of the model, textures, and the extensive amount of fur, it's suggested for use on higher-end devices.
When importing into your project, ensure to maintain the directory structure to guarantee all linked assets load correctly.
Adjustments to the fur material's brightness and reflectivity may be needed based on your scene's lighting.


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Lion Cub - UE

Unreal Engine format only

Choose License:

Lion Cub - UE + Blender

Available in Unreal Engine format and Blender format

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Unreal Engine

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