CG scene production process

In this unique presentation, we show the production process of the camel scene and the lion scene. In this presentation, we create magnificent desert scene terrain and realistic wind and sand effects through the procedural approach of Blender Geometry Node, as well as presenting the production process of building the African savannah scene from scratch. This demonstration highlights our creative artistic strength, whether it is a mysterious desert or a magnificent grassland, our team combines technical and artistic sparks, we can be presented in an innovative way in front of your eyes.

Animal Character Creation Process

We show you the process of creating a CG character: from sculpting to animation, complete with a realistic and believable lion character. This process highlights our ability to create animal characters from scratch and our strength in creating realistic visual effects. Our team has the experience to start from a rough concept, sculpt and refine it step by step, and finally present an animal character that meets the needs of the project. During the production process, we will look for a large number of references, no matter from the character's form, the details of the hair to the pattern of movement, we will strive to perfectly restore the real characteristics, and at the same time, we will also utilize our creativity to give each character unique characteristics and emotions.

CG Plant Modeling Assets

In this production process, we show you a range of CG assets. These assets are not only highly detailed, but also add to the project with their realistic look and feel. These assets come from our stockpile of assets from previous projects, allowing us to make the project creation process more efficient while ensuring that each scene is perfectly recreated. Our large stockpile of common assets means that we are able to call upon them on every project to bring you the most exciting visuals possible.



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