3D Animal | Bison Male Animated

USD $350.00


This is a high-quality bison model with a complete armature, sculpting in part, rigging, and hair, as well as multiple 4K texture maps, made in real-world scale by Blender2.82a and rendered by Cycles renderer. The map of the body applies UDIM UV. The maps of body, skin, and hair are made separately, which makes the effect more realistic.

This character consists of 8 objects—the body, horns, eyes, tears, sclera, lacrimal caruncles, oral cavity, and teeth. Besides, there is a skeleton.


  • Body: vertices 38727; polygons 38658
  • Horns: vertices 342; polygons 328
  • Eyes: vertices 1348; polygons 1408
  • Sclerae: vertices 964; polygons 1024
  • Tears: vertices 456; polygons 432
  • Lacrimal caruncles: vertices 1476; polygons 1472
  • Teeth: vertices 20499; polygons 20444
  • Oral cavity: vertices 11642; polygons 11640
  • Skeleton: vertices 23325; polygons 23198
  • Total: vertices: 98779; polygons: 98604


  • There is a Blender project and an OBJ file.


  • Bison_Body_Normal.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Body_Skin_BaseColor.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Eye_BaseColor.png, 2048x2048
  • Bison_Head_Normal.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Head_Skin_BaseColor.jpg, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Horn_BaseColor.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Horn_Normal.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_ID.png, 2048x2048
  • Bison_Male_Body_Hair_BaseColor.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_Male_Head_Hair_BaseColor.png, 4096x4096
  • Bison_OralCavity_BaseColor.jpg, 4096x4096
  • Bison_OralCavity_Normal.jpg, 4096x4096


With full controllers, it’s easier to create poses and animations.

  • Face rigging is available.
  • The head is limited to rotate with the neck, the neck and tail are limited to rotate with the body, the four limbs are limited to rotate with the body and limited to stretch, which can be switched by custom attributes.
  • The spine IK/FK and four limbs IK/FK are switched by custom attributes.
  • All the switches above aren’t seamless.


  • Loopable walking animation at 30 fps. The Hair Dynamics is baked from 30th to the 104th frame, rendered from 52th to the 104th frame.
  • Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps. The Hair Dynamics is baked from the beginning to the 120th frame, rendered from 30th to the 120th frame.
  • Unlooped eating animation at 30 fps.  The Hair Dynamics is baked from the beginning to the 32nd frame, rendered from 16th to the 32nd frame.





  • The model is in meter units at real-world scale.
  • The Display button of the fur is disabled.
  • Just put the model into the scene to render without cleaning.
  • No lights and cameras.
  • Hair dynamics are already baked. If you want to move the character, you need to toggle off Hair Dynamics first, or else hair errors will occur.
  • To make the effect more realistic, the rendering time is pretty long because of a large amount of hair. If you want to make the close-up effect more realistic and beautiful, it’s necessary to pay the price. If it is used in a distant view, the fur can be optimized. Optimization methods:
    • Decreasing the number of hair children and increasing the thickness of hair.
    • Decreasing the steps of Interpolated spine.


This project uses a paid hair addon called “Hair_ShapeKey_v5.0”, which is made by our team. It’s used to solve the intersections of hair simulation in walking and running animations. We have baked the fixed hair dynamics, and you can use the loop animation in the project normally. If you need this add-on, please send an email to info@vfxgrace.com after purchasing this model at full price, and attach the screenshot of the project. After receiving it, we will send you a link to download the addon free of charge, which originally costs $35.

More details about this add-on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt3kxW4Pw7w

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3D Animal | Bison Male Animated

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