3D Animal | Piggy Animated

USD $249.00


This is a high-quality little white pig model with multiple 4K textures, fur, rigging, and animations, and it's made with Blender and Cycles renderer at real-world scale. The skin texture and the hair texture are made separately for realism. Besides, 3 loopable animations and 2 unlooped animations are available.

It consists of 8 objects: Body, sclerae, pupils, upper jaw, lower jaw, upper teeth, lower teeth, tongue.


  • Body: vertices 49,921; polygons 49,920
  • Sclerae: vertices 1,700; polygons 1,728
  • Pupils: vertices 2,020; polygons 2,048
  • Upper jaw: vertices 9,387; polygons 9,272
  • Lower jaw: vertices 3,886; polygons 3,632
  • Upper teeth: vertices 13,882; polygons 13,392
  • Lower teeth: vertices 13,960; polygons 13,408
  • Tongue: vertices 1,183; polygons 1,168
  • Total: vertices 95,939; polygons 94,568


There is a Blender project and an OBJ file.


  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_OralCavity_Roughness.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_OralCavity_Normal.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_OralCavity_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Eye_BaseColor.png, 2048*2048
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Skin_SubsurfaceAmount.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Skin_Specular.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Skin_Roughness.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Skin_Normal.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Skin_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096
  • JU0L522A4_Piglet_Body_Hair_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096


With full controllers, postures and animations are easier to create. Features are as follows:

  1. CTR_ROOT controls the entire model, and it's scalable.
  2. CTR_gravity and CTR_gravity.001 control the torso.
  3. The IK/FK of legs can be switched by the customized attributes of MCH_Other_F.L, MCH_Other_F.R, MCH_Other_B.L, MCH_Other_B.R, which is not seamless.
  4. CTR_gravity comes with the customized attributes which switch head follow, neck follow, tail follow.
  5. Every toe has a separate controller; CTR_OpenToe_F.L/R, CTR_OpenToe_B_c.L/R control the flexion and extension of toes.
  6. Ears and belly have fine controllers used to fix the model deformation.
  7. There are many fine controllers on the face, used to animate the eyes, eyelids, lips and nose. Besides, there is a UI to create some common facial expressions easily, such as smile, wink, open mouth, and so on, greatly improving your efficiency.
  8. And more…


  • Loopable walking animation at 30 fps, Frame range 0-20;
  • Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps, Frame range 0-12;
  • Loopable running animation at 30 fps, Frame range 0-9;
  • Unlooped watching animation at 30 fps, Frame range 0-350;
  • Unlooped playing animation at 30 fps, Frame range 0-220;


  1. The model is in meter units at real-world scale.
  2. The Display button of the fur is disabled. You can enable it if needed.
  3. To make the effect more realistic, the rendering time is pretty long because of the large number of hairs. If you want to make the close-up effect more real and beautiful, it’s necessary to pay the price. If it is used in a distant view, the fur can be optimized. Optimization methods:
    • Decreasing the number of hair children and increasing the thickness of hair.
    • Decreasing the steps of the interpolated spine.
    • The model can be rendered in the current project, without any other adjustment.

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3D Animal | Piggy Animated

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