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This software can selectively compress or delete some layers in EXR sequence and output multilayer EXR sequence or PNG sequence. So it greatly reduces unnecessary storage and improves the speed of sequence reading and rendering with lossless cyptomatte. It’s a pretty convenient and essential tool.

Installation Environment:

Windows System


  • Layers can be selectively compressed, and multilayer EXR can be output.
  • Layers can be selectively deleted, and multilayer EXR can be output.
  • Any selected channel can be individually output to layer EXR format (16 bit and 32 bit), PNG format (8 bit and 16 bit), and JPEG format.
  • One or more cryptos can be output individually to PNG format.

Installation Method:

Just double-click to run the EXE file.


Drag the EXR sequence folder or file into the EXR file list in the software interface, and set the EXR output in the openEXR channel setting panel according to personal needs. Then separately select the channel that needs to be output in Independent Output panel, and modify its format. Check the crypto that needs to be output separately in Cryptomatte Output panel. Then click Start Convert. It will be done for a minute. The output sequence is in the same level folder of the original sequence.


If the luminance of the output png image exceeds 1, please select Luminance clip type according to your needs, otherwise, the output image will look strange where the luminance exceeds 1. When you output png single channel, please check if you need Gamma Correction.





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