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This is a highly detailed and diverse coral collection pack. The types of corals included are: dendronephthya, table coral, staghorn coral, montipora foliosa, heliopora coerulea, crinoidea and sea anemones. This coral pack offers a wide variety of species, with up to 42 individual corals, significantly enhancing the diversity and realism of any scene. All materials are rendered with Arnold renderer to achieve realistic textures. The model is created with Maya 2024 at real-world scale.


Model Details:
- The coral collection includes 10 high-poly projects and 4 low-poly projects. The low-poly projects do not include the 5 coral models with animations; other models are consistent with the high-poly versions.
- A total of 42 coral models are included.

Textures and Materials:
- The materials are divided into three sets:
- The first set includes 70 texture maps.
- The second set includes 52 texture maps.
- The third set includes 14 texture maps.
- All textures are generated as .TX image files compatible with Arnold, using multiple 1K, 2K, and 4K resolution textures to ensure the highest level of detail and quality.
- All materials are rendered using Arnold for realistic effects.

XGen Hair:
- Some models use XGen hair to enhance the effect, utilizing the fast-loading XGen interactive to depict detailed hair styling.


The number of polygons of the following models is based on the high-poly model: (a total of 42 sets of coral models)

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection01_2024.mb: (19 sets of coral models)
AntlerCoral01: vertices: 76,272; polygons: 151,517
AntlerCoral02: vertices: 95,611; polygons: 190,157
AntlerCoral03: vertices: 89,055; polygons: 176,949
AntlerCoral04: vertices: 86,879; polygons: 172,704
AntlerCoral05: vertices: 69,975; polygons: 138,932
AntlerCoral06: vertices: 100,077; polygons: 199,169

MontiporaFoliosa01_01: vertices: 146,181; polygons: 146,172
MontiporaFoliosa01_02: vertices: 58,136; polygons: 58,128
MontiporaFoliosa02: vertices: 488,511; polygons: 961,090
MontiporaFoliosa03_01: vertices: 412,043; polygons: 417,700
MontiporaFoliosa03_02: vertices: 477,282; polygons: 771,836
MontiporaFoliosa04: vertices: 740,432; polygons: 1,309,998
MontiporaFoliosa05: vertices: 1,393,634; polygons: 2,737,929
MontiporaFoliosa06: vertices: 195,236; polygons: 380,952

HelioporaCoerulea01: vertices: 109,895; polygons: 109,900
HelioporaCoerulea_WhiteSphere: vertices: 1960,000; polygons: 1920,000
HelioporaCoerulea02: vertices: 78,116; polygons: 78,127

Dendronephthya02_Trunk: vertices: 43,900; polygons: 43,838
Dendronephthya02_Flower: vertices: 2,890,000; polygons: 2,890,000
Dendronephthya02_Bloom: vertices: 358,000; polygons: 357,200
Dendronephthya04_Trunk: vertices: 279,670; polygons: 279,666
Dendronephthya04_SmallFlower04_Red: vertices: 221,816; polygons: 218,088
Dendronephthya04_SmallFlower04_White: vertices: 952,000; polygons: 936,000
Dendronephthya04_SmallFlower04_Pink: vertices: 2,380,000; polygons: 2,340,000

AcroporaClathrata02_Body01: vertices: 284,201; polygons: 285,180
AcroporaClathrata02_Body02: vertices: 67,292; polygons: 67,556
AcroporaClathrata02_Body03: vertices: 48,245; polygons: 48,050
AcroporaClathrata02_Branch01: vertices: 418,750; polygons: 402,000
AcroporaClathrata02_Branch02: vertices: 415,210; polygons: 399,216

Total: vertices: 14,936,419; polygons: 18,188,054

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection02_2024.mb: (2 sets of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_01: vertices: 3,925,695; polygons: 3,148,210
AcroporaAustera_Branch_07: vertices: 1,285,647; polygons: 1,031,052

Total: vertices: 5,211,342; polygons: 4,179,262

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection03_2024.mb: (2 sets of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_02: vertices: 13,888,290; polygons: 12,203,100
AcroporaAustera_Branch_05: vertices: 3,831,696; polygons: 3,366,756

Total: vertices: 17,719,986; polygons: 15,569,856

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection04_2024.mb: (2 sets of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_03: vertices: 15,333,327; polygons: 14,335,166
AcroporaAustera_Branch_04: vertices: 1,372,646; polygons: 1,165,816

Total: vertices: 16,705,973; polygons: 15,500,982

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection05_2024.mb: (4 sets of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_06: vertices: 1,533,641; polygons: 1,346,960
AcroporaAustera_Branch_08: vertices: 911,554; polygons: 788,844
AcroporaAustera_Branch_16: vertices: 3,369,536; polygons: 2,959,452
AcroporaAustera_Branch_17: vertices: 4,702,466; polygons: 4,130,184

Total: vertices: 10,517,197; polygons: 9,225,440

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection06_2024.mb: (5 sets of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_09: vertices: 20,815; polygons: 20,240
AcroporaAustera_11: vertices: 23,595; polygons: 22,022
AcroporaAustera_12: vertices: 15,075; polygons: 14,182
AcroporaAustera_13: vertices: 7,842; polygons: 7,356
AcroporaAustera_15: vertices: 7,365; polygons: 6,920

Total: vertices: 74,692; polygons: 70,720

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection07_2024.mb: (1 set of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_10: vertices: 26,068,393; polygons: 22,158,292

Total: vertices: 26,068,393; polygons: 22,158,292

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection08_2024.mb: (1 set of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_14: vertices: 19,403,141; polygons: 16,509,636

Total: vertices: 19,403,141; polygons: 16,509,636

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection09_2024.mb: (1 set of coral models)
AcroporaAustera_Branch_18: vertices: 7,809,384; polygons: 6,262,808

Total: vertices: 7,809,384; polygons: 6,262,808

MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection10_2024.mb: (5 sets of coral models)
Crinoidea04_Wrist: vertices: 385,935; polygons: 358,410
Crinoidea04_Body: vertices: 77,489; polygons: 76,737

Actinia01_Branch: vertices: 119,784; polygons: 118,360
Actinia01_Root: vertices: 7,600; polygons: 7,598

Actinia02_Branch: vertices: 330,738; polygons: 329,384
Actinia02_Root: vertices: 26,626; polygons: 26,624

Actinia03_Branch: vertices: 84,950; polygons: 83,952
Actinia03_Root: vertices: 7,600; polygons: 7,598

Actinia04_Branch: vertices: 59,424; polygons: 58,864
Actinia04_Root: vertices: 6,768; polygons: 6,766

Total: vertices: 1,106,914; polygons: 1,074,293


Crinoidea04 and Actinia support animation cache.
Crinoidea04 includes one form with a 12-second/360-frame animation.
Actinia has four forms, each with a 12-second/360-frame animation.


File format: Saved as .mb files by default. It can be saved as .ma files if necessary.
Version supported: Created with Maya 2024.2. Maya 2024 or above is recommended for compatibility.


For optimization in scenes, some corals are provided with both "HighPoly" and "LowPoly" subdivided models, allowing users to choose based on their needs.
Some projects use XGen interactive for hair creation and are preset with Arnold materials, ready for rendering.
The default Arnold render settings in the scene use GPU rendering, with sampling settings suitable for medium-quality output (as shown in the preview images for character display). To achieve more appropriate images, you can adjust the Arnold settings according to your hardware limit.
The HighPoly projects include Arnold lighting, which can be adjusted as needed.
In the project "MA0L521A0_CoralsCollection10_2024", all corals come with 360-frame animation caches, stored in the "cache" folder. When using these, ensure to update the cache location in software if you move the cache folder.
Apart from the above instructions, the characters can be directly rendered in the project.


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Corals Collection - MAYA Character Asset

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