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Aquilegia Columbine Flower | VFX Grace

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3D Model details


This is a set of realistic Aquilegia yabeana Kitag (Columbine Flower) models made with Blender and Cycles renderer. There are medium and low polys with 6 varying shapes and PBR maps.



  • The model is made at real-world scale.
  • No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.
  • No external add-ons needed. No lights or cameras.
  • Put the model into the scene to render without cleaning.
  • 11 pieces of 4K PBR maps
  • Including medium and low polys, 12 objects in total.
  • Overlapping Unwrapped UVs.
  • Blender project, fbx and obj file.
  • Neither animation nor rigging.


  • Medium Polys*6: Vertices 860,645; Edges 1,613,589; Tris 1,513,080; Quads 756,540; N-Gons 0
  • Low Polys*6: Vertices 237,174;  Edges 189,125; Tris 367,206; Quads 189,125;  N-Gons 16

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Aquilegia Columbine Flower | VFX Grace

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Support for your favorite 3D software

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