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Houdini Assets | SmartTools

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Smart Tools is a tool that can improve your work efficiency. Because it can perform batch operation on most functions to save your time for repeating steps. For example, not only can you batch name the nodes selected and modify parameters, but also you can align and arrange nodes in order to make the interface clear. More attractive is that it can work several caches at the same time to maximize the utilization of CPU.

Installation Environment:


Houdini Indie 17.0 or 17.0 above

Functions Introduction:

1. ObjMerge_v2.0

Work in batches Object_Merge to the nodes copied.


2. SelTool_v1.0

Select the same kinds of nodes according to type, color, and name.


3. SetPosition_v1.1

Align to the last node selected.


4. MultiCache_v2.3

Work several caches at the same time to maximize the utilization of CPU and improve the speed of the cache. It works properly but Dynamic.


5. ModifyString_v1.4

Modify the names and parameters of nodes in batches, the sons of nodes included.


6. DelByCam_v1.1

Delete all points out of camera view.


7. RepParm_v1.0

Match the parameters of the nodes selected to the last node selected.


8. SortInput_v1.1

Arrange the import port automatically according to the order of the nodes linked.


Installnation Function:

Window users:

Download and unzip "SmartTools_v1.0" and put it to "C:\User\User\Documents\houdini\toolbar".

Linux users:

Download and unzip "SmartTools_v1.0" and put it to "/home/user/houdini/toolbar".

Mac users:

Download and unzip "SmartTools_v1.0" and put it to "/mac/user/user/Library/Preferences/houdini/version/toolbar".

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Houdini Assets | SmartTools

USD $20.00

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