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Calico Cat 02 Animated | VFX Grace

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3D Model details



This is a calico cat model that has multiple 4K textures (partial UDIM maps), fur, rigging, and 3 animations. The fur maps and skin maps are made separately for a better result. The models are rigged after real bone structure, and with fine facial rigging. They are made with Blender and Cycles renderer at a real-world scale.

Each model consists of 16 objects: Body, toes (4 objects), eyelids, 2 lacrimal glands, oral cavity, 2 corneas, 2 pupils, tongue, 2 teeth.



Body: vertices 44,520; polygons 44,422

Toes: vertices 11,394; polygons 11,196

Eyelids: vertices 342; polygons 288

Lacrimal glands: vertices 1,968; polygons 1,920

Oral cavity: vertices 9,256; polygons 9,184

Corneas: vertices 3,972; polygons 3,968

Pupils: vertices 1,282; polygons 1,248

Tongue: vertices 5,001; polygons 4,940

Teeth: vertices 14,712; polygons 14,656

Total: vertices 92,447; polygons 91,822


There is a Blender project and an OBJ file without rigging or animation.


JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodyHair_BaseColor.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodyHair_BaseColor.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodyHair_Mask.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodyHair_Mask.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodyHair_Mask02.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_BaseColor.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_BaseColor.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_Normal.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_Normal.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_Specular.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_Specular.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_SubsurfaceAmount.1001.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_BodySkin_SubsurfaceAmount.1002.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_Eye_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_Eye_Normal.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_Eye_Specular.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_OralCavity_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_OralCavity_Normal.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_OralCavity_Specular.png, 4096*4096

JC0L219A1_CalicoCat02_Sclera_BaseColor.png, 1024*1024


With full controllers, postures and animations are easier to create, the features are as follows:

CTR_root controls the entire model.

CTR_body_root_F, CTR_body_root_M and CTR_body_root_B are the former, middle and latter center of gravity of the body.

CTR_gravity_b controls the latter spine, and its customized attribute Tail_roll controls whether the tail rotates following the parent controller.

CTR_spine controls the middle spine.

CTR_gravity_f controls the former spine, and its customized attribute Roll_Head controls whether the head rotates following the parent controller, and Roll_Neck controls whether the neck rotates following the parent controller.

CTR_neck_a and CTR_neck_b are FK controllers of the neck.

CTR_head controls the head, and its customized attribute Eye_follow controls whether the eyes move following CTR_eye.

CTR_tail, CTR_tail_a, and CTR_tail_b…… are FK controllers of the tail.

CTR_leg_f.L, CTR_leg_f.R, CTR_leg_b.L and CTR_leg_b.R are IK controllers of the limbs, an with customized attributes:

  1. IK-FK controls the IK/FK non-seamless switch of the limbs;

  2. Pole_target switches the different display mode of pole vectors of the legs and whether to move following the IK controllers;

  3. STRETCH_CTR controls whether the legs can be stretched in IK mode.

CTR_mouth and CTR_chin control the jaw.

CTR_eye, CTR_eye_a.L, CTR_eye_a.R, CTR_eye_b.L and CTR_eye_b.R control the movement of the eyes.

CTR_eye_a.L and CTR_eye_a.R control the dilation and contraction of pupils by the customized attribute pupil.

There are detailed facial controllers.

The body has finer controllers which help create subtle animations.

And more...


Loopable walking animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-20

Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-12

Loopable running animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-16





The model is in meter units at a real-world scale.

To run faster, the fur is hidden, with Render enabled.

The model can be rendered in the current project, without any other adjustment.

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Calico Cat 02 Animated | VFX Grace

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Support for your favorite 3D software


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