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High-Poly Head Model Refinement 01

June 5th, 2024
Iterms: Individual License
One copy to be used by a single user.
In this lesson, we will start sculpting the head structure, further refining the head and completing the basic form.

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  1. mwsheeler says:

    My model won’t remesh properly after cutting the head from the body. Leaves holes in the mesh regardless of the size I remesh it at. Sorry I can’t send you a pic of it…doesn’t seem to be a way to attach it to my comment. Going to have to model at the current resolution.

    • Jerry Lee says:

      I guess the mesh wasn’t fully filled before you clicked Remesh. After separating the head and body, you can switch to Edit Mode, press the A key to select all the mesh, and then press the F key. After that, try running Remesh again.

    • Jerry Lee says:

      If your problem still isn’t resolved, you can email your issue to us at vfxgrace@gmail.com. I’ll respond as soon as I see it.

      • mwsheeler says:

        Thanks Jerry Lee, I just sent you an email!

        • Jerry Lee says:

          Yes, I saw the email you sent. I’m really looking forward to seeing your finished work! I noticed you mentioned that the dog’s abdomen gets distorted when it’s in a sitting position. You can try fixing this by adjusting the model’s weights and adding repair shape keys to address the deformation.