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High-Poly Body Model Refinement 03

June 5th, 2024
Iterms: Individual License
One copy to be used by a single user.
In this lesson, we will finalize the body detailing and complete the entire body sculpture.

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  1. mwsheeler says:

    Really enjoying the course. For future videos, you might consider showing the Active Tool and Workspace settings rather than the Scene Properties. It would aid in clarifying the Screen Keys to show us which tool you were using. That has been a bit hard to follow. Going from one bush to the grab brush and back etc.

    • mwsheeler says:

      My first comment was geared at the previous video “High-Poly Body Model Refinement 02.” I notice that you do have the Tools panel open on this one.

    • Jerry Lee says:

      You’re right, that was my oversight. I’ll make sure to improve that in the tutorial videos. Thanks for pointing it out!