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Ara Macao Animation | VFX Grace

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3D Model details



This is a high-quality scarlet macaw model with multiple 4K maps, hair cards, rigging and 4 realistic animations. It comes with complex feather cards and maps, with 130,000 faces in total which makes it more realistic. The detailed rigging allows you to control each piece of feather and fine-tune the animations. This model is made with Blender and Cycles renderer at real-world scale.


It consists of the body, head, eyes, tongue and feathers.

Body: vertices 28,752; polygons 28,714
Head: vertices 3,921; polygons 3,784
Eyes: vertices 3,338; polygons 3,456
Tongue: vertices 1,602; polygons 1,600
Feathers: vertices 187,884; polygons 130,783
Total: vertices 225,503; polygons 168,337

Project Format

There is a Blender project and an OBJ file.
Size of Maps

JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_BaseColor.1001.png, 4096 4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_BaseColor.1002.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_BaseColor.1003.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_BaseColor.1004.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Normal.1001.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Normal.1002.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Normal.1003.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Normal.1004.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Roughness.1001.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Roughness.1002.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Roughness.1003.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Roughness.1004.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Specular.1001.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Specular.1002.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Specular.1003.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Body_Specular.1004.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Eye_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Eye_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather01_U_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather01_U_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather01_U_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather02_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather02_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather02_U_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather02_U_Normal.png, 4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather02_U_Specular.png, 4096 4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_D_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_D_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_D_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_U01_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_U01_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Feather_U01_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_FirstFeather_B_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_FirstFeather_F_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_FirstFeather_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_FirstFeather_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_SecondFeather_B_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_SecondFeather_F_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_SecondFeather_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_SecondFeather_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Shoulder_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_Shoulder_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather02_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather02_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather02_Specular.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather_B_BaseColor.png, 409 6
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather_F_BaseColor.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather_Normal.png, 4096 *4096
JF0N2N0F_AraMacao_TailFeather_Specular.png, 4096 *4096


With fine controllers, it's easier to create postures and animations, the features are as follows:
CTR_root controls the entire model. It comes with a customized attribute:
FeatherSmooth prevents interspersed feathers.
CTR_gravity_a controls the movement of the center of gravity of the body.
CTR_head controls the head.
CTR_foot.L and CTR_foot.R are IK controllers of the legs. It comes with three customized attributes:
FK-IK switches between IK/FK of the legs.
IK_Stretch controls whether the legs can be stretched.
IK_StretchStrength controls the strength of leg stretching.
FK_thigh_b.L, FK_shin.L, CTR_ROLL_foot.L, FK_thigh_b.R, FK_shin.R and CTR_ROLL_foot.R are FK controllers of the legs.
CTR_gravity_b controls the chest. It comes with two customized attributes:
Neck_Follow controls whether the neck rotates following the chest;
Neck_IK-FK switches between IK/FK of the neck.
CTR_chin opens the mouth.
CTR_feather controls the folding and unfolding of the tail feathers.
CTR_feather.L and CTR_feather.R fold the wings by Location, which makes it quick and easy.
Each feather comes with a skinned bone and a separate FK controller, detailed controller and bending controller, which makes it possible to control every feather. Besides, there are controllers which are to rotate, fold and unfold multiple feathers overall.
And more ...


Loopable flying animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-14
Unlooped landing animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-210
Unlooped watching animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-450
Unlooped takeoff animation at 30 fps, frame range 150






The model is in meter units at real-world scale.
To run faster, the fur is hidden, with Render enabled.
Mask modifier is applied, causing the cached vertex, edges and faces in the OBJ file to be different from that in Blender. This doesn't affect anything.


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Ara Macao Animation | VFX Grace

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