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This is a projection script with real-time refreshing, which is used to transfer data between Fusion, Blender, and Krita; quickly manage Fusion projection projects in groups according to projection cameras; connect projection models to Catcher nodes with one click in batches; and transfer cameras and models between Fusion and Blender.

Running Environment:

Blackmagic Fusion 9(Free & Studio)

Blackmagic Fusion Studio 16~17+

DaVinci Resolve 16~17+ (Free & Studio)

Note: Python3.6 and PySide2 Lib required.

How to Use ProjectionHelper?



Main Interface





Installation Introduction:

Fusion: Copy the folder ProjectionHelper_v* to C:\Users\YourUsers\AppData\Roaming\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Scripts\Comp

Blender: Copy the folder ProjectionHelper_v* to C:\Users\YourUsers\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.82\scripts\addons

Krita: Copy the folder ProjectionHelper_v* to C:\Users\YourUsers\AppData\Roaming\krita\pykrita

Feature Introduction


Transfer data between Fusion, Blender, and Krita with real-time display.

Fusion→ Blender: Cameras, models, images;

Blender→ Fusion: Cameras and models;

Krita→ Fusion: Images.


This Script can list the cameras, models, and Catcher nodes into the tree.

1. Click the Refresh button to refresh the cameras, models, and Catchers in the project.
Click the Start Server button to enable the server(Fusion). This way, Server(Fusion) can be allowed to transfer data with Blender and Krita.
2. This section displays the connection status: Green represents linked; white represents disconnected or unconnected. If the server is disabled, the Clients will be disconnected.
3. Section 3, 4 displays the models and projection images corresponding to two projection cameras.
4. Section 5 is the menu bar.

5. The models that aren’t projected are listed in Unused Models, like the screenshot below.

6. A window will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen when the script is running, like the screenshot below.

7. Options→ Preferences → Network, used for connection settings of server and clients. The default IP of the Host is, and it’s not suggested to modify it. If connection is failed, please change the port number (between 1024-49151), and then save it by hitting Save Settings, and restart the script to retry. Meanwhile, Client—Blender and Krita needs to be restarted. Note: Please set Host and Port correctly, or the script can not work normally.


  • If the connection with Blender and Krita is failed, please change the port number and retry. Open Options→ Preferences to change port number, then click Save Settings and restart the script, Blender and Krita.
  • The nodes need to be activated in the Flow before exporting models and cameras.
  • Be sure to activate just one Catcher node before using Link Catchers.
  • Be sure the server (Fusion) has been started before enabling Client (Blender/Krita).



Date: January 14, 2021


Fixed the bug of incorrect location of the exported FBX file.

Fixed the bug of malfunction with “Export Camera Single Frame” when the camera to be exported has keyframes.


Date: November 08, 2020


1. Add the parameter settings of the aperture of the camera;

2. Add cameras with animation;


Fixed the Bug that models need to be exported twice before it can be updated in Fusion when Blender is in the Edit Mode.


Modify the operation of Image View to improve UE.


Date: October 17, 2020


1. Merge the camera clip script into Tools -> Camera Clipping.

2. Add the internal image view of the script, which is located in Tools->Image View Window.


Date: August 10, 2020


1. The input box for setting name on the right side of the Blender exported ABC model has been removed, and the following input box for setting name can be used normally.

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