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This addon is a PieMenu that combines many quick tools about Character. It has different features in different modes. For example, when a bone is in object mode, posture mode, and edit mode, it offers some different operation commands, including renaming, resetting stretch, adding bone constraint in batches, adjusting the order of modifiers.

You can perform batch processing and get the common tools quickly with RoleTools_Pie to greatly improve work efficiency.

Installation Environment:

Blender2.79b / Blender2.80 / Blender2.81

Feature Introduction:

  • Object mode: ShowXRay on the top; toggle particle modifier; toggle the display of the armature modifier and so on.
  • Bone edit mode: Show bone axes, Rename bones, set the display type of bone( Octahedral cone / Spline bones).
  • Bone posture mode: Twitch IK-FK; modify constraint properties in batches; add bone constraints in batches and so on.
  • Particle edit mode: Display all hair points; select end; select root and so on.

Installation function:

  • Open “Preference--Add-ons--Install”, then select this zip package to install.

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Blender Addon | RoleTools Pie

USD $11.00

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