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3D Particle Brush is a powerful hair brush tool. It can distinguish complex muscle surface of models and provide artists with a wonderful experience of grooming hairstyles in Blender; With multiple well-designed brush presets, it gives efficient solutions to making varying hairstyles; The function of curve controlling hair shape makes the control of hair shape pretty convenient; Having this tool, hair grooming will be full of fun. Come on, give it a try!


Running Environment

Windows 10: Blender 2.93, 3.0

Ubunto 18.04&20.04: Blender 2.93, 3.0


Click Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install, select the Zip file, and hit Install Add-on.


  1. Disable this add-on.
  2. Save Preference settings, which is done automatically by default. 
  3. Restart Blender, and then remove this add-on. 



  • Options
    • Enable 3D Brush

When a guide’s second point from the root is in the brush area, 3D brushes can work normally.

  • Auto Switch: When enabled, the brush is toggled between 3D mode and 2D mode when it’s on or off the geometry. When disabled, there is no brush when it’s off the geometry.
  • Brush Scale: When enabled, the brush can keep its scale in 3D space. When disabled, the brush can keep its scale in 2D space.
  • Comb brush

When Preserve Root Length is unchecked, guides can be moved along the surface of geometries. If you want to move the guides away from the surface, you can select the default Comb brush. 

  • Smooth Brush
    • Length: Smooth the guides to make them average in length.
  • Add Brush
  • Length Brush
      • Target Length: It’s the limit when the guides are lengthened or shortened.
  • 3D Puff Brush
  • Weight Brush
      • Increase, Decrease, Smooth: Modify weight smoothly 
      • Strength: The strength of the weight brush.
  • Orient Brush
      • Orient, Sunder, Repel:
      • Orient brush only changes the orientation of the guides while keeping the original shapes. With the Curve enabled, the guides will be bent slightly.
  • Bend Brush
    • Bending guides.
  • Attract Brush
    • Creating clamps.
  • Noise Brush

Use Roughness: It works the same as the Roughness in the Children.

Axes Locking: Disable the noise on one or more axes as per the locked axes.

  • Part Brush

It only modifies the orientation of the guides, keeping the shapes of the guides.

  • Clone Brush

Clone Source: Pick the source of the guides to be cloned.

Clone Draw: Clone the guides at the position where this brush stays.

Rotation angle: The rotation angle of the clone brush which can also be achieved with shortcut—CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL


It only works with Use 3D Brush enabled.

It works only when the transforms, including location, rotation, and scale, are applied.

It works only when location and rotation are both set to 0, and scale is set to 1 in Delta Transform.

  • Color Brush:

Group the guides by different colors.

The color groups can be edited.

Only Active: When enabled, only the colors of the active particle system will be displayed; when disabled, the colors of all the particle systems will be displayed.

Use Color Brush: Enable/Disable the colors.

  • Use Radius Curve: Control the shape of the guides with the curve.


  • Hot Key
    • Hit V to display the pie menu of brushes. 
    • Hit J to display parameter menus.


  • Usage of Pie Menu


  • Customize Pie Menu

Use Radius Curve (Only Windows is supported)

The following steps are required before using it.

  1. Switch the Render Engine to CyclesHair.
  2. Set the Hair Shape Type to Strip, and Additional Subdiv is optional under the Hair tab.
  3. Enable Use Radius Curve under the Hair Shape tab.
  4. Set the viewport shading to Material Preview Mode or Render Preview.
  5. Now, the shape of the guides are completely controlled by the curve. Curve settings can be saved as presets for later use at any time.


  1. In the CyclesHair render engine, Material Mode is just for displaying the thickness of hair.
  2. Strand Steps under the Viewport Display tab can be raised up somewhat if a high subdivision is required.
  3. At least one 3D viewport is required during rendering, or this function won’t work normally.
  4. When the render engine is switched to CyclesHair, the Cycles renderer is still used.
  5. When Use Radius Curve is enabled, adjusting parameters by dragging may cause display lag. Adjust the parameter again to fix it. 


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3D Hair Brush | Blender Addon

USD $65.00

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